If you have a discrepancy or problem we want to know about it immediately so we can handle it. We guarantee you will be 100% Satisfied. Garage Discount Center handles all customer concerns case by case, with your complete satisfaction our goal.  Any problems or issues will be remedied in 30 days.
The following factors do not qualify under the GDC 100 Quality guarantee:
• If the customer orders a product without a specific option or feature. Always take time to review the design, layout or features that are included in the product you are ordering. Some excluded items are failure to pick the right size(width, length, height) color or optional feature such as drawers vs. drawers on a cabinet.
• If the customer fails to notify GDC of the problem or defect within 30 days following the delivery and/or installation (if by GDC).
• Any item damaged by a 3rd party other than GDC construction crews.